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Kent: The Garden of England and the gateway to Britain. The home of the seat of the Church of England. Churchill’s chosen county and the retreat of monarchs for over a thousand years. Its landscape is beguiling, ranging from the UK’s only desert at Dungeness in the east, through to the rolling hills of the [...]

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Having seen the statistic published by Akamai that more web visits over Christmas were made via mobile devices than desktops, we decided to take a look at the web visits composition for NetDirector websites. Interestingly, the statistic from the wider online environment was reflected in visits to our clients’ websites – just over 50% of [...]

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In a sea of paid and earned content, creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Should you create your own, pay someone to do it for you, or crowdsource? Here we’ll have a look at the different types of content out there, and see which ones you need to [...]

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