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Back in the summer we wrote about the cars that grace the GForces car park and even devoted a blog to our resident MG Midget. Thing is, we don’t just drive conventionally-powered cars here; several of our number use pure electric vehicles (EVs) to undertake their daily commutes, benefitting from devoted parking and even a [...]

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By Danielle Wills, Marketing Communications Graphic Design Intern. What comes to mind when you hear the word intern? Being the go-to person for tea duty, having a big “Intern” label tattooed across your forehead in case people didn’t know who to give all the horrible jobs to, being considered as the equivalent of Carlton Banks [...]

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To a certain extent, the assumption that more people go online when the weather isn’t up to much is a pretty obvious one to make. How many of us take one look at the precipitation and obvious chill in the air and think that a cup of tea and a bit of sofa surfing wouldn’t [...]

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