NetDirector Auto V10 sets the new standard for automotive retail web platforms. Responsive design and value-adding functions give retailers more digital firepower than ever before. The digital dealership just stepped up a gear. To find out more click here..

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As the makeup-clad glam god, Alice Cooper, sang, school is indeed out for summer, and it’s a mixed blessing. For kids it means a couple of weeks of freedom from the cruel bonds of the classroom (before the inevitable boredom sets in) whereas for parents it means employing all their years of practice at entertaining [...]

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PRESS RELEASE LOOKERS TAKES A LEAD IN THE DASH FOR DIGITAL WITH ADVANCED NEW SOFTWARE Three-year, multi-million pound deal for all-new GForces NetDirector Auto V10 digital platform and tools New “game-changer” technology is to be utilised across the full Lookers network Content to be scaled automatically for mobile devices As part of Lookers PLC continued [...]

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On a hot and sunny afternoon can you think of many better things to be doing than enjoying a cold drink on a village green and watching a game of cricket? Well we can’t, which is why GForces stages an annual cricket match in the picturesque village of Bearsted, Kent. At 5:30 sharp on Wednesday [...]

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