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Anyone who has visited NADA will know that it’s a spectacular event with a huge number of trade professionals and industry-renowned companies, explaining what’s next for the car industry and how they fit into it. It’s also very important – what you see and hear there is precedent-setting, which is why Car Dealer ran such [...]

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Just before its recent float on the stock market, Auto Trader found itself the subject of a news story in The Times which suggested its web traffic wasn’t quite as good as had previously been reported. According to analytics analysts, Eagle Alpha, web traffic to Auto Trader had fallen 19% year-on-year. Similar Web – another [...]

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It’s that time of year again when we crack out our aprons and our hats of generosity to bake cakes and give generously in aid of Red Nose Day. Already, numerous staff have added those little rubber red noses to the corners of their computer screens, and today, many more have gone a whole lot [...]

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