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A website plug-in is a piece of software that can be added to a website in order to improve specific functionality, meaning you can extend the abilities of your website without creating a whole new site. All plug-in software offered by GForces is compatible across all web platforms, whether it’s a NetDirector system or from [...]

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In recent months GForces’ Newcastle office has grown in all respects; it is now home to 20 staff – up from a bare few just a year ago – and has recently moved to a larger premises. It now has teams overseeing our work with News UK, feeds and development / QA. Due to the [...]

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It’s a terrifying thought, but one-in-three of us will suffer from cancer at some point during our lives. In the UK, over 1,000 women are still dying each month of breast cancer – and it’s a form of the disease that men aren’t impervious to. Thankfully, due to the research that is being undertaken more [...]

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