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Seemingly every automotive publication, website and commentator is clamouring to tell us that not only are we thoroughly confused by the ‘death of the tax disc’, we need their advice to understand the (actually quite simple) changes. Sage though most of this advice is, we’re not particularly interested in adding our voice to the noise. [...]

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Despite being constantly busy creating and managing websites for our automotive clients, we have found time to redesign our own website. It has been a labour of love, but after plenty of hard work from our MarComms department which was responsible for design and content, as well as our CSS experts who have made it [...]

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Stop the press. New research from Experian that has been cited by Motor Trader and Automotive Management strikes at the heart of everything I hold true and believe. The research states that the digitally-native, tech-savvy, highly-connected, always on, media stacking internet generation is actually more likely to research a car purchase offline than via the internet. Really… sorry excuse me [...]

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