NetDirector CAP Valuations turns web visitors into leads. With the potential to convert over 15% of these leads to sales, it is the ideal tool to capitalise on the plate change To find out more click here..

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Making a lasting impact needn’t require a huge investment in time and effort; 30 seconds is all you need. New Car Model Reveals are designed for this exact reason – to enthuse your web visitors and make sure that the new models you are selling make a real entrance. New Car Model Reveals are short videos – typically 30 [...]

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Highly-converting online web tools, which then translate to actual transactions are the holy grail for digital dealerships. NetDirector CAP Valuations is a good example of such a tool. To help communicate – and demonstrate – the advantages of the product, we have created a video to explain some key features and the statistics relating to [...]

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This year, we were honoured to be invited to join the team from Lifestyle Kia at the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon – a local event for both us and them. In fact, Lifestyle Kia is the main sponsor of this, one of the preeminent half marathons in the UK and this is the Group’s fifth [...]

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