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In recent months GForces’ Newcastle office has grown in all respects; it is now home to 20 staff – up from a bare few just a year ago – and has recently moved to a larger premises. It now has teams overseeing our work with News UK, feeds and development / QA. Due to the [...]

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It’s a terrifying thought, but one-in-three of us will suffer from cancer at some point during our lives. In the UK, over 1,000 women are still dying each month of breast cancer – and it’s a form of the disease that men aren’t impervious to. Thankfully, due to the research that is being undertaken more [...]

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The new car market may be taking the headlines, but it was the used market that was the focus of attention on Tuesday 21st October. The annual AM Used Car Market Conference brings together expert speakers and numerous businesses with a vested interest in the used car sector to hear about the trends and opportunities that [...]

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