Rich digital assets help dealers to be creative. They encourage consumer engagement and promote the brand experience with continuity throughout the customer journey. NetDirector Assets covers numerous areas, from interactive 360 interiors and exteriors of new models, to professional digital video and image asset libraries of almost every model in the UK. To find out more click here..

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On 14th September last year, GForces opened its MENA office in Dubai. In the year since, the bare, featureless office space in the heart of Internet City district has become, in the words of Regional Managing Director Asim Husain, “like a slice of Corbin in the desert”. In the short…

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On 10th October, GForces will be joining forces with Harwoods Group for the annual Bangers 4 BEN charity rally. This year is focused on F1, with the rally taking us from Silverstone to The Circuit Reims in France and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belium. From Harwoods we have Group Marketing Manager,…

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In the build-up to the much anticipated 65 plate, August 2015 saw the highest ever use of the NetDirector CAP Valuations tool as more people turn to the web to gain an indicative valuation of their vehicle. Across all users, ranging from large multi-franchise operations to small independents, a total…

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